From My Home, Into Your Heart.


It's not "just a dog" but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the
future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.



#1 Pick Up Your Puppy And Meet The Parents And Grandparents !
You will see the loving temperaments of all my Schnauzers

#2 Puppy Escort Nanny Bringing Puppy To You. Worldwide Available !
Your Puppy will fly in Cabin with its own Personal Nanny

#3 Shipping ONLY With Nonstop Flight To Your Nearest International Airport !
    If A Nonstop Flight Is Not Available Then A Puppy Escort Nanny Is Required
There is nothing worse then having to worry about your puppy when a connecting
flight gets delayed or canceled. Your poor puppy could end up being stranded for hours
  or even till the next day at some Airport's Cargo Facility. A Risk not worth taking!



                  NEXT LIVE WEBCAM BIRTHING 30 March - 5 April

You are welcome to watch our Live Birthing via Puppy webcam.

Each Female is broadcasted live for monitoring purposes when ready to birth and thereafter.
As with all births, there is an inherent risk of complications, injury or death. Therefore viewer
discretion is advised. A Vet will be on standby and also keeps checking on the live webcam.

Due to the NEW USDA/APHIS REGULATIONS I will not sell any puppies "sight-unseen"
This is to protect all puppies and buyers from awful Puppy Mills

I Never Sell To Pet Stores Or Brokers!
"I do not live off my Dogs but with and for my Dogs"  - Vera Clark

I breed to produce Healthy, Happy, Beautiful Puppies with Well Balanced Temperaments.
My specialties are rare parti colors, black/silver and solid white Schnauzers.

I carefully select my breeding Dams and Sires base on health,
fantastic temperaments, intelligence and beauty.


I will take all my puppies back if the owners are not 100% satisfied.
***** An unhappy owner will make for an unhappy dog*****

It's Not Just A Dog!
I Produce Unconditonal Love, Joy And Happiness!
I am very careful to whom I sell my babies to! I love my puppies to pieces and as a
responsible Puppy Mommy/Breeder I thoroughly screen all my buyers.  I must be
sure that my puppies will only got to the very best of homes. Many breeders can't
 wait to sell you a dog but this is not the case with me. These are my babies and
 with each puppy that leaves my home part of me leaves with it. So if I turn you down
then please do not feel offended. It is nothing personal...just not a right match.

I will not be able to set the price of a puppy till age 4 to 6 weeks old.
Click here to view EXPENSES of BREEDING

              My puppy prices varies, depending on Size, Color and Type of Coat.
If you think the prices are too high then Maximilian Schnauzers is not the right place for you!


              MINIATURE SIZE:    Pet Price - $2000 to $2400 - maturing between 12-16 lbs.   
                                                 At maturity 11 to 12 inches tall at shoulders
              TOY SIZE:                 Pet Price - $2500 to $3500 - maturing between   7-11 lbs.
                                                 At maturity 9 to 10 inches at shoulders

              TEACUP SIZE:           Pet Price - $3800 to $4800 - maturing between     3-6 lbs.
                                                  At maturity 7 to 8 inches tall at shoulders

              RARE RED WHEATEN COLORS  Pet Price - $8000 to $12,000 depending on Size


       For any Liver (Chocolate) Color - add $300 to the above price
          The Liver Color is recessive and rare, therefore solid liver, liver/tan, liver parti or
any other variations of the liver gene puppies are sold for a higher price.

Please note,  I do my very best to estimate puppy size at maturity based on puppy's size at 6 weeks,
based on size of parents and previous litters.  I can not guarantee mature size! 

There are 3 sizes within the Miniature Schnauzers - MINIATURE, TOY and TEACUP.
The AKC does not have a different size category within the Miniature Schnauzers,
therefore all will be registered as Miniature Schnauzers.
Here you get the creme de la creme PLUS more !!! 
                                  1. You are able to monitor your puppy grow on live webcam                            
                     2. My life long support during your puppy's life span.                          
   3. AKC Papers (limited).                                                     
4. Veterinary Health Certificate.                                       
5. Tails docked and dewclaws removed.                          
   6. Vaccination Shot Records.                                              
                           7. ISO (International) Microchip                                                                
   8. Starter Kit                                                                      
  9. Puppy Harness                                                              
  10. Baby blanket with Mommy's Scent                                  
 11. Puppy Bed and Toys                                                      
  12. "How To" Training Manual                                              
                           13. My Assistance with the preparation for your new Puppy                         
                 14. Life Long Health Guarantee against genetic hereditary illnesses    

                     You will also receive Professional Glamour Photo Collection of your puppy
                                   and a Photo Slideshow from Newborn till age 8 Weeks                                  

Click here to fill out Puppy Application Form

"Total Transparency Is My Philosophy"
You can watch your puppy being born on Live Webcam. No longer will you have to wait
8 long weeks. Now you can monitor your Baby develop 24/7 on Live Puppy Webcam
from start until you welcome it into your arms. You are welcome to visit and meet
the parents and Grandparents of your New Baby by appointment.

All Puppies must be at least 4 weeks old before you can visit and hold them because
their immune sytems are not fully developed and they are very susceptible.

Each parent of the puppies has been DNA tested!


Toy vs Minature Size
No difference in personality just in size! BIG Personality In Small Package!!!
Click Here For More Information about Toy and Teacup Schnauzers

  Toy and Teacup size babies are very difficult to raise and need continious monitoring.
They have to stay twice as long with me and must be 12 to 16 weeks old
before they can leave my home

Please note,  I do my very best to estimate puppy size at maturity based
on puppy's size at 6 weeks, based on size of parents and previous litters.
I can not guarantee mature size!


Growth Predictions
While it is impossible to predict a puppy's exact adult weight, a general guideline is to triple a puppy's weight at 8 weeks, double its weight at 12 weeks of age

FREE E-books Downloads by Dr. Ian Dunbar
It is important for you to learn about your puppy and use the RIGHT Training
Techniques! You both will learn from each other through RESPECT, TRUST and LOVE

Before You Get Your Puppy
After You Get Your Puppy
Puppy Personality Development

So you want a puppy, will you want it all its life?
Will he be of all-important, like family and wife?
Will you handle him with gentleness, even when you're in a mood?
And see his water's always fresh and that he's got good food?
Will you train him kindly and brush him every day?
And provide him with a clean dry bed, where he can always lay?
Will you teach the children that they too must be kind,
And that if he takes their toys, they really mustn't mind?
Will you train him on a lead, to sit and walk to heel?
Not drag him on a choke chain with all the pain to feel.
Will you teach obedience, to come when he's afar?
To lay and stay if needed and be good in the car.
And when he's learnt these lessons and loves you all so true,
Will you thank the day this puppy came to live with you?
And when he's old and feeble and life has passed by,
Your family broken hearted and not an eye is dry,
Will you still be happy, even through the pain,
And remember the good times, and start it all again?
If you can answer YES my friend, to all that I have said
Then you deserve a puppy, the best one ever bred.
BUT if you read my questions and cannot answer true,
Please don't have a puppy, it's not fair on him or you.

I Breed For Your Heart And Not For Shelters

Think Before You Commit to A New Puppy!!!


The Cost of Dog Ownership: Can You Afford a Dog?

Guide To Caring For Your Puppy

I am very careful to whom I sell my babies to! I love my puppies to pieces and as a
responsible Puppy Mommy/Breeder I thoroughly screen all my buyers.  I must be
sure that my puppies will only got to the very best of homes. Many breeders can't
 wait to sell you a dog but this is not the case with me. These are my babies and
 with each puppy that leaves my home part of me leaves with it. So if I turn you down
then please do not feel offended. It is nothing personal...just not a right match.

  Bringing Love Into Your Life is My Business!

Click here to fill out Puppy Application Form

Occationally Retired Schnauzers Available!
* Must stay in Florida!!!
*Must have fenced yard!!!

All retirees are spayed/neutered, had their teeth cleaned and are 100% house broken.

Must Stay in Florida, Must have Fenced Yard!!!

All my girls are Super Sweet, well mannered, low maintenance, 100% Housebroken
Spayed, teeth cleaned, up to date on all vaccinations, have microchips!
SELENA, DOB 4/22/2012
Chocolate Parti, 14 lbs
Click Here to view her slideshow

TIKI, DOB 2/01/2014

Liver/Tan, 7 lbs
Click here to view her slideshow

 ASK about The NEW Foster Family Program
Must be within 60 minutes from my place near Orlando!
At a reduced Price you can co-own a puppy or an adult dog with me.
Click here to find out how it works!

AVAILABLE To Foster Parents Near Orlando Area!!! $500 Each
Both are Super Sweet, Low Maintenance, No Barkers, Housebroken
Click here for information
PEBBLES, DOB 10/17/2014
  Black/Silver Parti, 9 lbs
Click here to view slideshow
MONTE (aka Max)
Liver/Pepper Parti, 8 lbs
Click here to view slideshow


ost of my puppies are reserved before and at birth!
My Puppies go very fast !!!
 Your commitment of a $500 refundable deposit prior to the birth of litters will guarantee that you will be among the first on the waiting list when a new litter arrives. The first person with deposit gets first pick, the second deposit gets second pick and so on. The Breeder always has the right to first pick. The pricing and picking of puppies does not begin until Puppies are 4 to 6 weeks old. This will give me the time needed to determine what sizes the puppies will be.

Click here to fill out Puppy Application Form

All Newborn Puppies have blue or grayish colored Eyes!
Eyes will change to brown color by age of 8 to 10 weeks.
Like most human infants, neonatal puppies' eyes, upon first opening up to the world,
tend to have a bluish tinge to them. This color generally doesn't last, however,
and usually changes to its permanent coloration several weeks down the line.


Scroll down all the way to the bottom of page to see the Newest Additions!

In Loving Memory to Mommy Delilah,
May 12, 2015 - Sep 12, 2016

Maximilian's 2nd Generation
2 Girls and 3 Light Wheaten Boys were born on 9/12/2016

All of DELILAH'S Puppies have been adopted!

DEEDEE                        MONTE
RETIRING! Salt/Pepper, 8 lbs Liver/Pepper, Mega Coated, 9 lbs
Click here to view his slideshow
Maximilian's 3rd Generation
1 Girls and 3 Boys were born on 9/28/2016
I very much would like for these two brothers to stay together!
 $4500 for both or $3000 for each

Will mature at 5-6 lbs
My Name is OLAF (green band), DOB 9/28/2016
  Liver/Tan Parti, Super Coated, Teacup Size
Click here to view his SLIDESHOW

Will mature at 6 -7 lbs
My Name is ORBIT (blue band), DOB 9/28/2016
  Salt/Pepper Parti, Super Coated, Small Toy Size
Click here to view his SLIDESHOW

ADOPTED $25,000
Congratulations to Emanuel A., FL.
My Name is VIDA aka MANDI, DOB 11/06/2016
 Very Rare Red Wheaten Color (non fading) Teacup
She is the only true Red Wheaten Teacup Schnauzer in the World!!!
"A BIG Dog in a Tiny Package"
Click here to view more PHOTOS

BRISTOL                 MONTE  
Black/Silver, Mega Coated, 8 lbs
Click here to view her slideshow
Liver/Pepper, Mega Coated, 9 lbs
Click here to view his slideshow
Maximilian's 4th Generation

My Name is WERNER (green band), DOB 11/12/2016
  Liver/Tan, Mega Coated, Toy Size
Click here to view more PHOTOS

MYSTIC                        XARON
Black Parti, Mega Coated, 8 lbs
Click here to view her Slideshow
Black Parti, Mega Coated, 8 lbs
Click here to view his slideshow
Maximilian's 4th Generation

Click on Arrow to view VIDEO

Congratulations to Carolina C. D., FL.
My Name is YOLA (red band), DOB 11/19/2016
  Black Parti, Mega Coated, Toy Size
Click here to view more PHOTOS

Congratulations to E. A., Venezuela

My Name is YENNIE (yellow band), DOB 11/19/2016
  Black Parti, Mega Coated, Toy Size
Click here to view more PHOTOS

  PALOMA                                  SCHNUCKS
Jet Black, Mega Coated, 14 lbs
Click here to view her slideshow
Black/Silver, Mega Coated, 6.5 lbs
Click here to view his slideshow
Maximilian's 2nd Generation
2 Girls, 3 Boys were born on 01/16/2017

Click on Arrow to view VIDEO

Congratulations to James K., ID

My Name is GUSTAV (blue band), DOB 1/16/2017
  Jet Black, Mega Coated, Mini Size
Click here to view more PHOTOS

Congratulations to Cheri M., MA

My Name is GOTTFRIED (white band), DOB 1/16/2017
  Jet Black, Mega Coated, Toy Size
Click here to view more PHOTOS

Congratulations to Eileen S., OH

My Name is GENEVA (red band), DOB 1/16/2017
  Jet Black, Mega Coated, Mini Size

Click here to view more PHOTOS

My Name is GUENTER (green band), DOB 1/16/2017
  Jet Black, Mega Coated, Mini Size
Click here to view more PHOTOS

My Name is GEORGIA (orange band), DOB 1/16/2017
  Black/Silver, Mega Coated, Mini Size
Click here to view more PHOTOS

My Friend and Breeding Partner

KAHLUA              KRISTOFF
Liver Parti, Mega Coated, 9 lbs Ice White, Super Coated, 8 lbs
2 Girls and 2 Boys were born on 2/07/2017

My Name is KYRA  DOB 2/07/2017
  Ice White, Mega Coated, Toy Size

AVAILABLE $3200- 3500 depending on sizes
My Name is KEENAN  DOB 2/07/2017
  Light Wheaten Parti, Mega Coated, Tiny Toy or Teacup Size

My Name is KIARA  DOB 2/07/2017
  Light Wheaten Parti, Mega Coated, Toy Size

GLITTER                          APOLLO
Platinum Silver, Mega coated, 12 lbs Cream Wheaten, Mega Coated, 10 lbs
3 Girls and 2 Boys were born on 2/13/2017

My Name is VALENO  DOB 2/13/2017
  Light Wheaten Parti, Mega Coated, Mini Size

My Name is VAUGHN  DOB 2/13/2017
  Stunning Black/Wheaten, Mega Coated, Mini Size

My Name is VANNA  DOB 2/13/2017
  Light Wheaten Parti, Mega Coated, Mini Size

My Name is VICTORIA  DOB 2/13/2017
  Rare Golden Wheaten, Mega Coated, Small Mini Size

Love Is In The Air!

Planned Breeding for 2017


1. Hilda Rodgriguez, NJ (Teacup Girl, Liver Tan)
2. Danishmarie Acevedo, PR (Selean's Litter Girl, Liver Parti, Small Mini
3. Gordon Fletcher, , MA (Amy's Boy Hulu, Liver/Tan)
4. Sally Sharples, MI (Girl, Toy, Black/silver or Liver/Tan)
5. Margaret Stonestreet, SC (1st pick for Gretchen's litter)

  GIRLS:                               BOYS:      

   Confirmed Pregnacy!      

  1. Tiki     &   Schnucks  Due 28 Mar - 4 Apr
  2. Fiona      &     Bravo   bred on  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Feb NOT PREGNANT
                3. Enya             &     Harley  Due 4 - 10 Apr              
               4. Gretchen   &   
Schnucks  Due 8 - 14 Apr             
                    5. Quttie          &     
Hansel  Due 9 - 15 Apr                
Non Confirmed            

               6. DeeDee        &     Monte bred on 16, 18, 20, 22 Feb                
                     7. Maddie        &     
Xaron bred on 16, 18, 20, 22 Feb                      
     8. Zena            &     Pablo bred on 2, 4, 5, 7 March           
   9 . Pixie            &     Schnucks bred on 23, 25, 27 March 
     10. Foxy           &      Pablo   in heat as of 3/27                   


                             1. Wunderbar  &   Teddy anytime                          
                  2. Lola   &   Monte anytime                         
  3. Bianca   &    Polar anytime      
                                   4. Nutella    &   Pablo anytime                                      
    5. Gypsy  & Teddy anytime           
       6. Jingle   &   Schnucks anytime       
7. Katie   &    Harley anytime     
  8. Jamine  &  Pablo anytime       



Small Mini Size, Mega Coated, 12 lbs
Rarest Schnauzer Color in the World!!!
Very, Very Rare AKC reg. Red/Sable Color aka Red/Wheaten. AKC code 224
Click here to view her DNA Coat Color Test Results
She looks like a Butterscotch or "Golden Schnauzer"
Price of the Red Wheaten will be $25,000 to $35,000, depending on size.
DNA Test and Pedigree available upon reguest.

The "WOW" effect and her photos speak for themselves.
Click Here To View Foxy Lady's Full DNA

Click on here to view her slideshow

AKC reg. Red/Sable Color aka Red/Wheaten, AKC Code 224
Price range is $25,000 to $35,000 depending on
red color intensity, type of coat and size.


              Black   007        Black/Silver  016          Salt/Pepper    167             

              Liver    123        Liver/Tan      124          Liver Pepper   498

              White  199        Wheaten        224          Parti                038         

 COUNTRIES where my Pupps are

All over the USA  and GERMANY  

France,  Czech Republic,  Sweden, Denmark, Italy,

Croatia, United Kingdom, Canada, Bahamas, Aruba,

Panama, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates,

Saudi Arabia,
  Dominican Republic,    Ecuador

  Venezuela,  Haiti,   Mexico,   China,  Netherland,
  Guatemala, Honduras

Schnauzer Honeymoon Suite

Raised With A Gentle Touch!

Click on Arrow to view Video

Nursery Suite Where Puppies Are Being Raised

        Schnauzer Lounge             Schnauzer Broadcasting Studio


Pet scams can happen to anyone!

Just because there is a photo for a cute puppy (or other animal) on the internet and a promise
to ship it does not mean there is a puppy or that you are getting the one you thought you had bought!
Scammers play on your emotions.

When a breeder wants to meet you at a parking lot with your new puppy or
does not let you see the parents or the kennels and instead gives you tons of excuses
then you need to be smart... WALK AWAY!!!
Chances are that the dogs are being kept in very poor conditions and the breeder is trying
to hide it. Buying a puppy this way can cost you thousands $$$$ in Vet bills.
Don't be fooled but insist to see where and how your puppy was raised.

DON'T let a pretty  puppy picture blind you!!! ALWAYS Google the Breeder's Name and their Kennel Name!!!  Check out their REVIEWS!!!! You can also go to sites such as: www.ripoffreport.com and www.pissedconsumer.com  

Please watch the video and read the info below before you start sending money. Where is my Puppy? A common question when your puppy does not arrive or you are getting a different puppy.

Are Committing Puppy Fraud Online

Animal welfare experts believe that nearly two-thirds
 of the dogs sold online come from puppy mills

How to Avoid Online Puppy Scams


Buyer Beware!

Consumers trying to find dogs from responsible breeders or breed rescue groups often turn
to the Web for advice. But they soon find themselves bombarded with elaborate websites
offering the offspring of "champions." With a host of fancy terms and picturesque photos of
tail-wagging terriers, doe-eyed Chihuahuas and every other adorable breed, it is easy
to become overwhelmed with choices.

Don't be fooled: Scattered among the websites of responsible breeders and rescue groups,
Internet puppy scammers attract potential buyers with endearing pictures and phony promises.

If you buy a puppy over the Internet, not only are you risking supporting puppy mill cruelty,
you're also risking being scammed out of your money. According to the Internet Crime
Complaint Center, hundreds of complaints are filed every year from victims who were scammed
when buying a dog online. The puppy you receive may not be the puppy you agreed to buy, and
you may not even receive a puppy at all! Internet scams abound, including everything from fake
"free to good home ads" where the buyer is asked to pay for shipping, only to never see that
puppy they tried to help, to breeders posing as sanctuaries or rescues, but charging upwards
of $1,000 in "adoption" fees.

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed?

The best way to avoid being scammed is to simply never buy a dog you haven't met in person.
While the Internet can be a valuable tool for finding a responsible breeder or breed rescue group,
please make sure to follow these tips when using the Internet to find a pup:

  • Always visit. Responsible breeders and rescue groups will be more than happy to offer you a tour.
  • Always pick your puppy up at the kennel. Do not have the puppy shipped or meet at a random location.
  • Always check references, including others who have purchased pets from this breeder and the veterinarian the breeder works with.
  • Be sure to deal directly with a breeder, not a broker.
  • Never send Western Union or money order payments.
  • If you are told that there will be no refunds for a sick puppy, you are most probably dealing with a puppy mill. A reputable breeder or rescue group will always take the puppy back, regardless of the reason.

Please also keep in mind that adoption is still the best option, even if you have your heart set on a purebred dog. There are thousands of dogs waiting for good homes at local animal shelters, including purebreds! There are also a number of reputable breed rescue groups passionate about finding great homes for purebred dogs who have been abandoned, abused or surrendered to shelters.

How Do I Report a Scam?

If you feel you have been a victim of a puppy scam, please contact the following organizations:

Chances are you're supporting a puppy mill...a place where breeding mother dogs live in confinement and horrendous conditions, churning out puppies for their entire agonizing lives.

Pet Rescue Fraud: More common than you may think

Fake Pet Rescues, a new Scam

Detecting Internet Scams

Merles and Blue Eyed Schnauzers are
Hybrids and a Genetic Mutation

True Schnauzers were crossed with Aussies to achieve the Merle Colors and Blue Eyes in Schnauzers. Merles have Mutated Genes which leads to blindness and deafness. An unethical way of breeding!
STOP THE BREEDING of Merle Colored and Blue Eyed Schnauzers NOW!!!!

Click here if you want to find out more.
also read

There is No Such Thing as a Merle Schnauzer

Buyers Beware of Merle and Blue Eyed Schnauzers

You have the power to stop the production of handicapped dogs!

All of us breeders that know the introduction of the Merle and blue eyes is not a good breeding practice. We ask you to please help us keep these bad genes from bleeding any more into the beautiful, fun and loving Miniature Schnauzer breed we cherish so much.

Puppy buyers, educate yourself before you fall prey to breeders that are only breeding for the novelty of an unusual color, and not for the integrity of the breed.  Do a simple Google search using the terms:  dangers of the Merle gene.  You will be shocked and hopefully moved to reconsider the purchase of a "Merle Schnauzer."

Buyers beware and say "no" to the current Designer dog fad referred to as a "Merle Schnauzer."  The Merle pattern is not a part of the Miniature Schnauzer history.  AKC, the American Kennel Club, does not recognize the Merle pattern in Miniature Schnauzers (it is not a color).  A "Merle Schnauzer," or any non-Merle colored puppy from a Merle breeding, cannot legitimately be registered with AKC and hopefully it never will be.

BEWARE OF THE MSCA registration.  It isn't worth the paper on which it's printed.  MSCA does not stand for the Miniature Schnauzer Club of America.  It is the Merle Schnauzer Club of America.  It is a worthless registry these breeders are using to register both their Merle and non-Merle colored puppies.  This is especially problematic with the non-Merle puppies produced from a Merle breeding that may look very similar to a traditional colored Miniature Schnauzer.  Buyers believe they are purchasing a Miniature Schnauzer ("well hey, it comes with MSCA registration it must be legit") when in actuality they are purchasing a mixed breed Schnauzer that cannot be registered with AKC.

The Merle pattern is associated with serious health issues.  Even in the heterozygous (Mm) dog the (M) allele is associated with impaired hearing, eye defects, and problems with the immune system.  Considering the known health problems associated with the Merle gene, why are breeders producing them?  The answer is plain and simple:  money!

Another fad developing along with the "Merle Schnauzer" is the "Blue Eyed Schnauzer."  Blue eyes are often associated with the Merle gene.  If the blue eyes are not a result of a cross breeding with another blue eyed breed, such as the Australian Shepherd, then the blue eyes are a genetic mutation.  A good breeder; an ethical breeder; an educated breeder; would never purposefully breed a genetic mutation. 
Many breeders of the blue eyes are registering them with AKC, and unfortunately AKC will not stop the registration of blue eyed Schnauzers.  Inevitably, these bad genes will make their way into good lines.  It will eventually become impossible to track the blue eyed ancestors in an AKC pedigree.
The average pet buyer often has no idea what they are buying when they purchase a "Merle or Blue Eyed Schnauzer."  They take these breeders word, and the breeders are not telling them everything.  Or, the breeders are unable to tell everything because they have not done the research.  Few, if any of the "Merle and Blue Eyed Schnauzer" breeders are CERF or BAER testing (eye and deafness tests) their breeding stock. How many are offering a return guarantee if a Merle puppy becomes blind or deaf?  It appears many of these fad Schnauzer breeders have  jumped onto what they see as the money making band wagon with little knowledge or concern of the potential to produce handicapped puppies.  

Stop the fad Schnauzer breeders.  Buyers your dollar is what matters most to "Merle Schnauzer" and "Blue Eyed Schnauzer" breeders.  Stop buying from these bad breeding practices. The power is in your dollar.  You have the power to stop the production of handicapped dogs.
For more information on the health risks of the Merle pattern and its unfortunate introduction into the Miniature Schnauzer breed, click on the link below.  Warning graphic photographs of severely handicapped Merle puppies.


  All my Puppies are AKC registered and have a Microchip


  Name: Vera

Phone:  407-330-2515



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